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What Is Coworking?

The Works Coworking Cafe logoCoworking is a community of independent professionals, entrepreneurs and creative types who share space for the purpose of collaboration, synergistic interaction and common goals.

Considered a new wave of forward thinking in the age of digital information, coworking is a practical means to encourage original thinking, to exchange ideas and information, to solve complex problems, enhance creativity, energize entrepreneurship and sharpen the process of innovation.

The coworking movement is based on the values of collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility. All members, whether a new microbusiness or an established leader in their field, are equal in voice and spirit.

Is coworking right for me?

Quick question. Is coworking:

A) Shouting at your coworker over your cube wall?

B) Delegating work to someone else under a non-disclose and non-compete agreement?

C) Catching up on the weekend’s events over a guilty two minutes stolen at the coffee maker before scurrying back to your office?

D) A synthesis of using technology to accomplish tasks, a physical meeting place to allow for in-person collaboration, socialization and the creative exchange of ideas, and an escape from the too-distracting and often too-flexible telecommute from home?

If you answered ‘D’ you’re on the right track to coworking!

After all, for those lucky enough to have a nontraditional occupation, it’s great to get to lounge over coffee in your pj’s while reading the morning’s emails. But it can be isolating, and you might miss out on the importance and personal growth that comes from collaboration. What if you could have both?

Well now you can! Visit us at The Works to find out what coworking can do for you.

Coworking resources

  • The Coworking Wiki – the definitive directory for all things coworking whether you are a coworker, a catalyst or a site owner. Also hosts the Coworking Visa program allowing members to visit and enjoy member privileges with other coworking businesses.
  • Coworking Google Group – the main discussion board of coworkers everywhere. Be sure to introduce yourself and come back often for the latest coworking news.
  • LinkedIn Group – an additional discussion group for coworking that’s quite active amongst LinkedIn members

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