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October 19, 2010

By chuck


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Don’t Gamble With Wakulla’s Future

What is an Internet cafe? The name has a seemingly singular meaning—a peaceful and professional location for enterprising individuals to connect with one another and the world around them using the latest web-based technologies. Quite simply, Internet cafes provide a comfortable setting for like-minded entrepreneurs to work.

However, the recent influx of several professed Internet cafes has added a particular ambiguity to the conventional concept. Exploiting certain loopholes in Florida state law, the proprietors of these misnomered institutions operate under the guise of a connected cafe, but actually entice clientele with online gambling credit. Thus far, the gaming parlors have escaped the legal ramifications of gambling promotion by calling the credits an additional benefit of the Internet access price.

As the legality of these establishments has not yet been fully explored, they (and similar businesses across the state) are under a great deal of police scrutiny. Comparable business models that utilize included gaming have appeared in Florida before, but few still exist today. As expected, the tenuous relationship these outfits have with the law rarely lends itself to fostering the professional atmosphere expected of true Internet cafes.

It is that same need for a genuinely professional public workplace that lead to the creation of The Works Coworking Cafe. The Works is predicated on the idea that enthusiastic, motivated intellectuals should have consistent access to appropriate accommodations right here in Wakulla. We want to provide the forward-thinking citizens of Wakulla with an engaging and practical work environment, where they can connect to continue helping better our community.

Networking has long been one of the principal tent-poles of a strong community, and The Works is designed, specifically, to help innovative individuals share the ideas that may someday change the world.

Our community is growing everyday, and the citizens and leaders of Wakulla need a communal venue that will allow them to ensure this city continues to realize its full potential, without the influence of recreational gaming. The Works is that venue. Come share a cup of coffee, and find out why.

Don’t gamble with Wakulla’s future. Invest in it.

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