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August 28, 2010

By chuck



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crowdsourcing, design

We’re Crowdsourcing Our Design!

Cafe version 6

Update 09.02.10: We have some great ideas we would like to share…

We’re throwing out a crowdsourcing challenge for anyone interested in helping us come up with an arrangement for the general seating area. The area fits 20 to 24 patrons.

Some guidelines

  • Area must be accessible for handicapped patrons
  • The cafe will have white walls and ceiling. The floor is light tile.
  • We’re looking for a combination of tables + chairs and sofa/loveseat/chair sets
  • A large screen LCD tv will be on the western wall facing east. Sorry I forgot to include it in the image.
  • We have Milan taste with an Ikea budget. We’re looking for a really modern style that lives up to abuse and doesn’t break the bank

If you’re up for the challenge, simply download the Sketchup file and design to your hearts content. Then post an image up somewhere on the web so we can see it. Be sure to include any helpful information like the make, style and color of the furniture, the manufacturer, the price, etc. Post a comment with a link to the post.

Alternatively, feel free to just send links to images you find on the web that portray what you would do.

If we chose your idea we’ll give you mega thanks and credits on our site along with some cool schwag.

We’re looking forward to your suggestions!

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