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The Cafe

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There’s a lot more to a cafe than serving the best coffee and tea. And we’re not just talking about ambience, comfy seating and cool, new music.

Have you ever walked into one of the large, multinational coffeehouses and felt a bit underwhelmed? Maybe the service came with an attitude? Or perhaps the fact that you and everyone else around you felt like a bunch of strangers made you feel unappreciated?

It’s not you. It’s the cafe.

The Works is a different kind of cafe. Yes, having offices and a conference room in a great workspace may be the first thing you notice but at it’s heart The Works is a cafe dedicated to the entire community. We want it to be Wakulla’s cafe. That’s why we have a large open space dedicated for everyone to relax and have a great cup of coffee. We want you and your friends to meet and have a great time, too.

But we offer even more.

Our staff isn’t just going to be your baristas. They are going to be out from behind the counter to meet and talk with you. We want to really find out who you are and what passions you have. Almost everyone wants to change the world somehow and we want to be there to help you make it happen. Getting to know our customers personally will help us put people together and that’s our real goal at The Works.

So we promise you not only a highly personalized coffee experience but also the beginning of building a new Wakulla and a whole new world.

Read more of our goals at About Us