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you + coffee + space


We believe that great people and great coffee in a great place builds a greater Wakulla.


Our vision is to become Wakulla’s business and social hub for big ideas that change the world through collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility.


  1. Start small and never stop growing
  2. Create connections
  3. Work together
  4. Make mensches
  5. Build a new Wakulla
  6. Change the world


Why not Wakulla? We’ll start a list of advantages.

More than a bedroom community to Tallahassee, Wakulla is a place of natural beauty with a myriad of environments to explore: forests, rivers, springs, ranches and coasts. Inspiration is everywhere.

And the people? Diverse and rugged individualists.

Yes. Rural charm is not our only distinctive character; many highly-educated, intelligent, unique and independent-thinking individuals are attracted to this place.

That’s a big plus.

Our eclectic culture includes hunters, ranchers, fishermen, small business owners and environmentalists. We have also attracted quite a few cerebral types including college professors, engineers and software designers. And lastly, drawn here like fireflies in the summer are artistic souls: writers, painters and photographers.

And the list gets longer.

Our school system is one of the best in Florida. With a determined focus to cultivate future talent, Wakulla has established itself as a stable community and is poised for a ground swell of growth into new industries and intellectual pursuits.

For avid readers of evolving markets and trends: you’ve heard about rural development strategies to encourage entrepreneurial activity. Many leading researchers from such brain trusts as The Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in northeastern Minnesota have expressed volumes about energizing communities with a similar list of indicators such as Wakulla. (Good read: “Building The Rural Economy With High-Growth Entrepreneurs by Jason Henderson)

With research to align with our convictions, we are ready to start our big idea.

We believe Wakulla has a unique, cutting-edge potential. It is the perfect place to plant a co-working paradise.

Watch us grow.