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From the eyes of a Cowork(ee)

Cowork(ee): an individual responsible for the daily upkeep of a coworking space.

Cowork CafeMost articles about coworking have been from the eyes of the owner, manager or coworkers. What about the employees? The people who essentially keep the coworking space ticking along. What do they think about coworking? Well, that’s me, an employee of a coworking space. I started working at The Works Coworking Cafe when it opened in December 2010. In all honesty, I had no idea what “coworking” was. My boss explained the concept to me but my eyes were on the job, it’s local, good pay and the owner seemed like an easy enough person to get along with. My boss explaining coworking to me was like trying to explain to an artist how to balance his checkbook…knock knock, is anyone in there? Soon after starting, I threw myself into learning as much as I could about coworking as possible. Sure I wanted to educate myself on coworking so when potential coworkers were to come in I would be able to properly answer and explain all things coworking but more than that, I was interested in what coworking was really about. No, it’s not JUST about office space.

Given my background in marketing, sales and management, I was thrown for a loop once I learned the entire concept of coworking. At first look, you can conclude that we’re a coffee shop with office space. But once you get to know what we are really about you will find that we have an overall sense of creating a base at which we allow the citizens of our community to come in and help in building an even better community. I think that’s what meant the most to me. Not only are we providing a place for people to come, work and drink coffee but more importantly we are providing an opportunity for people to branch out of their homes and cubicles and network with other in the same community. I’m sure you have gathered that I am not the owner or manager, I’m just a standard employee but I get so excited when two people are brought together because of our establishment. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

MeetingOver the past 8 months, I have developed a passion for The Works. I treat it like it is my own. The success of The Works is not necessarily what we want to see first but the connections that are made because we are here, because we believe in connecting a community that so badly needed that connection. There is no doubt that you can search for an article that gives you all the reasons why coworking makes sense. It’s funny when you think about the responses that you would get from an employee of a large company instead of from the CEO, COO, etc. I think you’d be surprised at the answers, more honesty I would think! It’s kind of like interviewing a parent’s child to find out what kind of person that parent is (could you imagine!). So take this opportunity to listen to me when I tell you those people are crazy! No, i’m kidding! But seriously, what’s so great is that we have so much fun and get more work done than if we were sitting at some desk in a routine job. One of the greatest things, is having so many different people around to bounce ideas off of. For example, before this articles gets published, it will, inevitably, go through someone here, maybe a coworker, my boss or even just one of our regular coffee drinkers.

Whether you are in need of a coworking space or not, I urge you all to take time out and visit your local working space. Within those walls, undoubtedly, you will find people just like us, people that want they same things for their community. Take a step out of your ordinary and into the world of coworking, be part of the change that’s happening in your community.

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